Featured Chef


Chef Sunny Oh
Executive Chef, Juvia, Miami Beach


Sunny Oh was born in Seoul South Korea, the grandchild of a fisherman and came to America as a youngster. Growing up in the states, he has fond memories of watching his mother singing and cooking. He found himself drawn to learning about the food of his culture and found an appreciation for cooking.

His professional career started at the early age of 14, getting a job with a butcher shop, cleaning up after the butchers. He spent many years honing his skills, working in different cuisines, but enjoying Japanese as one of his favorites. In 2000 he joined the NOBU team to open Miami. He spent over a decade, eventually rising to the position one of the executive chefs of Nobu group, opening different locations for Nobu and overseeing many international events and promotions as far as Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. After more than 10 years with the Nobu Group, Sunny partnered with the Juvia Team to create Juvia. Juvia showcases a blend of the regional cuisines of Asia, the vibrant flavors of South America and classic French techniques.


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